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We offer a wide variety of batteries. At Batteries and Butter you can buy wholesale Energizer batteries, Panasonic batteries, Maxell batteries, Sony batteries. Alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries, Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries, Coin batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, 9V batteries, C batteries, D batteries, Watch batteries, Silver Oxide batteries, Eveready batteries, Rayovac batteries, Sony batteries, Renata batteries, New Energy batteries, LR44, 377, CR2032, and CR123A.

We provide large quantity discounts and service commercial customers keep their stores with a great variety of fresh and best-selling batteries. Please inquire for pallet, 718 491 2702, container quantity discounts.

Free shipping for online orders over $2,500

L91 Energizer AA Lithium

Energizer AA Lithium $1.30

Lithium AA, AAA, 9V

L92 Energizer AAA Lithium

Energizer AAA Lithium $1.30
Lithium AA, AAA, 9V

Energizer 123 3 Volt Lithium

Energizer 123A 3V $1.35

CR123A, 123

3.6 Volt Lithium
Saft LS14250 1/2 AA Lithium Battery

Saft 1/2AA LS14250 $2.50

For pallet pricing call Eddie or Stanley at 718 491 2702
or email pallet-pricing@batteriesandbutter.com

Energizer Batteries

Energizer Batteries

Energizer Industrial Alkaline

Energizer Industrial

9 Volt Batteries

9V Batteries

AA Batteries

AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

AAA Batteries

C Size Batteries

C Size Batteries

D Size Batteries

D Size Batteries

Alkaline Watch Batteries

Alkaline Button Batteries

Silver Oxide Watch Button Batteries

Silver Oxide Watch Batteries

Lithium Coin Batteries

Lithium Coin Size Cells

Lithium Photo Batteries

Lithium Photo Batteries

Energizer Lithium Batteries
Energizer Lithium
 Energizer Rechargeable
Energizer Rechargeable

Energizer Watch Batteries

Energizer Watch

GI Batteries

GI Bateries

GI CR2032 13

Sony Coin

Sony Coin and Watch Batteries

Sony CR2032 24

Maxell Coin & Watch

Maxell Coin and Watch Batteries

Maxell CR2032 18

Energizer Coin

Energizer Coin Batteries

Energizer CR2032 35

New Energy Coin
New Energy Coin Batteries
Rayovac Coin
Rayovac Coin Batteries
Panasonic Coin and Lithium Batteries
  Reusable Plastic Clam Shells

Reusable Plastic
Clam Shells

 Cardboard Battery Boxes
for Batteries
Energizer A23 Alkaline Battery

Energizer A23 40
A23, GP23, MN21

Energizer E90 N Size Alkaline Battery

Energizer E90N 50
N Size (EN90, 9100)

Free shipping for online orders over $2,500
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