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DR-11 Replacement Battery Model GINH-159-4S (BNH-159-4S)

DR-11 Replacement Battery Model GINH-159-4S (BNH-159-4S)

Quantity in Basket: None
SKU: GINH-159-4S
Weight: 0.79/pound
Lowest Price:  $55.00

Quantity Discounts
Quantity Price Ea
1 $65.00
2 $60.00
3+ $55.00

Price Per: Each
Special Notes:
Final sale, no returns or exchanges

These batteries are brand new, never used, and past the expiration date but some may work, some may not. We cannot check to know if they will work. You are buying this on a gamble. This is a closeout and they are not returnable.

Replacement DR11 Ni-MH Battery Pack 6V 4200mAh Camcorder Battery
Replaces the following batteries:
Energizer Duracell
CCM-2460 DR11, DR10
EB-55, NP-33, NP-55, NP-55H, NP-60D, NP-66, NP-66H, NP-68, NP-77, NP-77H, NP-80, NP-80D, NP-88, NP-90, NP-98, NP-98D, NP-99
6B-1900, BN-50U, BN-V11U, BN-V12U, BN-V140U, BN-V14U, BN-V18U, BN-V20U, BN-V22, BN-V22U, BN-V25U,BN-V18U, BN-V24U, BN-V400U, BN-V60U, BN-V20U, GR-SXM320U, RV-3009
HHR-V20A1, HHR-V214A/K, HHR-V60A1, P-V611, P-V611A, PV-B15, PV-BP15, PV-BP17, PV-BP18, PV214, PV215, VW-VBS1E, VW-VBS2E
Empire Kyocera Nikon
EPP109, EPP-150 BP-150, BP-1501, BP-1502, BP-1550 NP-55
Ricoh  Yashica Chinon
DRP-2, NP-55, NP-66, NP-66H, NP-77  BP-150, BP-1501, BP-1502, BP-1550 C8-B36-1, C8-B36-2
GE Magnavox Quasar
1CVA157C V80115BK01, V80116BK01 BP-500, BP-508
VBP-600, VBP-601

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