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Size   Energizer   Panasonic   Color Code   Other Names
Size 10 AC230E, AC10E, ZA-10 PR70, PR10PA 0-230HPX, 10A, R10ZA, B20PA, ME8Z
Size 13 AC13E, ZA-13 PR48, PR13PA DA13, 13HPX, L13ZA, 13A, R13ZA, B26PA, ME95Z
Size 312 AC312E, ZA-312 PR41, PR312PA 312HPX, L312A, R312ZA, B347PA, ME7Z
Size 675 AC675E PR44, PR675PA DA675, 675HPX, L675ZA, 675A, R675ZA, ME10Z

Hearing Aid Batteries

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2-9 $2.40
10+ $2.00