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Government Accounts

Welcome…Academic Buyers!

You are joining a long list of academic institutions, private and public, large and small, that have already purchased computers, hardware, and software from Batteriesandbutter.com.

Batteriesandbutter.com is committed to Quality Products, Great Prices, and Excellent Services.

Please note that some items on our website have special academic prices. If a competitive bid is necessary for your purchase, please e-mail us or fax a quote request to (718) 491-2707. Our academic account specialists would be more than happy to help you with a competitive quote as soon as possible.

We do take purchase orders from academic institutions. To authorize the purchase, you need to fax a formal P.O. with a cover letter on a school letterhead to (718) 491-2707. To speed up the process, you may consider filling out an Batteriesandbutter.com account application form. Please include an e-mail address on the P.O. if you want to receive e-mail notification of your shipment.

You can get the amount of your order by placing an order with Batteriesandbutter.com and present your e-mail or screen-printed order confirmation to your accounting department for the purchase order.

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