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The Squat Stool

The Squat Stool

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    Shipping Weight: 5.40/pound
    Lowest Price:  $70.00

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    1 $80.00
    2-5 $75.00
    6+ $70.00

    This product is recommended for both men and women, young and old alike, and even children. Pregnant women will find it comforting and relieving. The Squat Stool is a simple, but profound, solution toward alleviating the suffering of bowel problems afflicting people of all ages.

    With its well thought out design, the Welles Step Squat Stool, developed by Dr. William Welles, allows for better approximation of the squatting position than any other footstool available, because of its exact angled foot platforms, and its positioning on either side of the toilet which allows the feet to be brought further back for proper abdominal and pelvic alignment.

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